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Animal Kites is expanding our Dealership Program!
We’re expanding into new areas, and we’re looking for a dedicated and passionate sales person to represent the Animal Kites brand in your area!

About The Company

Animal Kites is a local kite production company that specializes in making educational kites for children. Started in 2020 during the Pandemic. Animal Kites has now expanded our sales territory into 3 states. Our products are expanding to over 50 retail locations and growing! We also have an online presence at where we fill both retail and wholesale orders.

About The Position

Animal Kites’ dealers are the front line Brand Representatives of our company. This position is responsible for driving the success of our business into new territories. Our dealers are encouraged to bring their individual sales techniques to the table to allow them to unlock their greatest sales potentials. Some of our dealers walk the local beaches selling kits to vacationing families, while other dealers det up as official Animal Kites vendors for large festivals making $1000’s in commissions per event. Some of our dealers canvas local retail stores, setting up wholesale deals that earn them recurring income over the course of years!

About The Product Sold

Developing habits of a sendentary lifestyle during childhood leads to lifelong health problems with obesity and cardio vascular diseases in our communities. Kiting has been found to be the perfect enticement for children to start developing more health and active lifestyles.

At Animal Kites we specifilly select, vet, design, test and fly all of our products until we are completely sure that this is not only a high quality product, simple for a child to fly, but it is also Attractive, Beautiful, and Fun to Fly as well. An Animal Kite in the Sky will ALWAYS attract attention from on-lookers.

Check out our website to view a good selection of our product line:

Responsibilities Include

  • Representing The Animal Kites Brand.
  • Device, Develop & Execute new and novel sales strategies to bring our brand to new and exciting markets.
  • Attend Events, Faires, and Festivals to make product sales, network and create brand recognition in the area.
  • Canvas Retail Stores with our provided wholesales brochure. Setting up repeat wholesale customers.
  • Recruit New Animal Kites Dealers who can also help push into new area’s and markets not available to yourself.
  • Manage & Track Inventory. Return Unsold Inventory via pre-paid mail.
  • Manage & Track Sales, Including cash and card receipts. Deposit all sales proceeds in a timely fashion.

Job Benefits Include:

  • Free Sales Inventory. We provide the entire Inventory you sell!
  • Unlimited Commissions. Earn a 20% to 50% commission on ALL your sales. (Percentage only depends on sales volume.)
  • Sales Support Materials. We’ve Developed attractive & useful sales materials to aide in your sales success. This includes wholesale brochures, kite giveaway tickets and more matierials to attract potential customers.
  • Animal Kites Shirt. This is free for all our dealers. It helps represent our Brand & Company if you wear an Animal Kites shirt!
  • Custom Animal Kites Email Address. Each of our dealers gets a custom email address to enable thenm to conduct official Animal Kites business in a professional manner.
  • Animal Kites Business Cards. To help you build your local contacts / sales network in a professional manner.
  • Social Media Marketing Support. If you attend an event as Animal Kites, we will do ALL the social media marketing to help drum up interest in the event. We want all of our dealers to be successful!
  • Event Vendor Supplies. If your dealer volume is large enough, we can provide pop-up tents, chairs, table, cashbox, square POS machine, table, Animal Kites table cloth, and Animal Kites vinyl banners.


  • Be able to lift 50lbs and with help 75lbs.
  • Be able to work in an environment with continuous repetitive motion.
  • Flexibility in job responsibility.

How To Apply:

Apply directly on our website at

Animal Kites wants to be successful & grow. And we want you to grow with us! Join our team today & we can reach our goals together!

Job Category: Sales
Job Type: Freelance
Job Location: Various

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